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A Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies is a Bachelor Degree conferred after a period of 3 year undergraduate course of study in Information Technology (IT) .the Degree itself is Bachelor of Science with Institution conferring degrees in the fields of information technology and related field. This degree is awarded for completing a program of study in the field of software development, software tester, software engineering, and programming.

Going for B.SC.(I.T) Course over it engineering will help one save a year too! Moreover, this B.SC.(I.T) Degree could act like a platform from where one may go for further studies and this enhance one’s qualifications. For example, one may go for MBA/MSC etc Going for M.SC. After finishing B.SC.(I.T) Is the first and best option. After One could also go for phd program too! Individuals who are interested in research can choose any of the various specializations are available

Career opportunities in B.SC (I.T.)

The career scope for student of it is on the rise today. Employment opportunities that offer lucrative salaries are available to desirable candidates.

Basically, Information Technology, and thus B.SC.(I.T) It is all about storing, processing, securing and managing information. Information databases, networks, software development & testing and programming etc are some of the very important topics that one will come across in this B.SC.(I.T) Program.

Career opportunities are available for it graduates in India as well as abroad. Once student have completed their studies, they can get jobs with firms of the private or public sectors. It is a job oriented course that caters to the needs of the industry. It industry has had its phases of gloom. Still, the sector has been growing in the recent past.

Those who have completed their education in this field can find a verity of job opportunities in the following sector like automobile, banking, business, defence, education, electronics, entertainment, finance, manufacturing, marketing, police, railways.The Degree holder should be in position of Application programmers, Database Administration, legal information specialist IT engineers associate engineer’ s system manager / engineers, software developer Tester System Analyst Computer Support Specialist Hardware and Network Expert.

Thanks to the arrival of digital India and tech startup culture, it professionals’ demand is once again on the rise!