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Bachelor of Management Studies was introduced by University of Mumbai as an unaided course in 1999 with intent to promote management course at the under-graduate level. With the growing demand for professionally qualified management executives, the course has been especially designed to create management personnel.

At Konark Ideal College, the three year BMS Degree course affiliated to the University of Mumbai was commissioned in the academic year 2013 - 14 with an intake of 60 students.Students enrolled for this program will receive a Bachelor Degree in Management.

  • Today, the corporate world is buzzing with cut-throat competition and anyone who has no niche skills is not deemed suitable for the job. This competition calls for professionally qualified graduates in the management sector who can take up the tasks and responsibilities of administrative jobs.
  • The BMS degree is essential to make students learn the fundamentals of management at the graduation level itself. This way, the students will not only be prepared well for jobs but they will also be able to take specialized masters course with better understanding.
  • The first and foremost advantage of undertaking a BMS degree is that the students are exposed to the basics of corporate culture. They are taught to analyze and understand the root cause of any crisis and to strategically solve the issue by making use of the available infrastructures.

The students are also made to understand the importance of organizational hierarchy, team work, target-oriented attitude, leadership, problem-solving skills, and promptness in work in the BMS course. This makes them highly compatible for the corporate world.

This programme enables students to develop advanced knowledge and skills in a range of business functions while setting them within the wider context of current business practice.

Career options after Bachelor of Management Studies

Demonstrating employability skills is crucial to students standing out from the crowd in the face of today's fierce job market competition.

Graduates from BMS become equipped with a portfolio of transferable skills which employers in all sectors look for.

These include general skills such as being well organized and having effective communication skill, but aptitudes specific to studying management include:

Business acumen:

This course gives students an insight into business practise, financial transactions and commercial ventures. This is valuable because one of the most skills most commonly sought by graduate recruiters is commercial awareness.

Problem solving:

Most graduate employers look for this quality in potential recruits. Our management courses teach you specific ways to approach problems and further develop your critical thinking skills.

Ability to use statistics and quantitative methods:

For certain graduate jobs such as market research, some areas of banking, and some types of consultancy, knowledge of statistics, quantitative methods and related software packages is a real asset.

Global thinking:

The ability to see the bigger picture in a 'whole systems' manner. Useful for strategic roles within a range of organizations.

Career Direction

"A graduate from BMS can do full-time employment approximately in the commercial, industrial and public management sectors, in retail and marketing.”

The Bachelor of Management Studies degree will be relevant in a vast number of professions; particularly within all business related sectors. This course will provide the perfect gateway for a career in General Business Management, Financial Consulting Business Analysis, Strategic Management and Planning Administration and Operations Project Management, Enterprise Management, Human Resource Management and Development, Customer Management Data Management and Systems Analysis, Sales and Marketing Financial Management, Communications Management.