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Bachelor in Mass Media is a professional course and offers a good platform to the students who are interested to make a career in the field of Media. Media is a huge career section and involves many other sub sections and based on one's interests, a student can actually make a successful career out of it. Media is a broad field and has a lot to offer such as Journalism, Advertising, PR etc.

Today Media stands as an attractive career prospect to the youth of today. BMM teaches you the technical aspects of media but to understand the professional proficiency of it in a practical way, you have to be more creative and think worthy for it. Everyone knows that today Media has reached every nook and corner of the world and has the power to affect people’s lives.

Modern media has exploded, There are increasing number of news channels , radio channels, regional channels sports channels etc., have been launched all across the country, the daily publications, the upcoming filmmakers, the daily soaps, the reality shows are all the rage. The definition, scope, importance, coverage, impact of media is changing by the second. Now with media explosion getting bigger and spreading its successful wings all over the world, newer callings such as journalism, advertising, film making, editing, script writing, etc are on demand. E.g. Subjects like Communication skills, content writing, effective communication , gender , culture and media creative writing, English literature, photography, broadcast journalism, internet issues, global media, niche and magazine journalism help to broaden the knowledge as well as the future horizons.

BMM Jobs

Designation Description
Editor The individual has to work as an editor and try to emphasize the knowledge and capabilities of the same.
Columnist The individual has to manage some serious issue and publish some articles related to the dynamic agendas on behalf of the organization.
Proofreader The aspirants have to deliver results in terms of rechecking and making the content of the article error-proof and prevent plagiarism.
Freelance Writer The roles and responsibilities of the same are to write articles and stories which are being assigned to him/her on a part-time basis for the organisation.
News Analyst The individual has to analyze, rectify and do a check of authenticity for the news going to be published in the form of digital/print media.
Correspondent The professional has to be part of the core team and work for the organization in the absence of the lead with the additional responsibilities of formatting and knowing the plagiarism criteria's.
Photojournalist The individual with such a credential has to click sensitive and legit photos for the magazine or the newspaper in which he/she is assigned.
Reporter The professional has to be a medium in between the legit news and the common people via news agencies or in the form of print media.
Journalist The profound credential requires a humongous amount of talent and research work in terms of publishing or put all the authentic aspects in front of the people on behalf of print/digital media.

Master's Programs after B.M.M.:

1. Master of Arts in Jouralism

2. Master of Arts in in Advertising and Public Relations

3. Master of Arts in Film & TV production

4. Master of Arts in Mass Communication

5. Master of Arts in Media & Communication